Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

On Line Hazemeter Gamma 12

The functional principle of Gamma12 complies with the standard ASTM 1003. The measurement sample is passed across the opening in an integrating sphere so that parallel light can pass through the sample into the sphere.

The intensity of the dispersed light can be measured using a high-precision sensor by means of the dispersion of the transmitted light beam. Light beams with dispersion angles exceeding a standardised value cannot leave the sphere through the exit and are reflected by the sphere surface. The intensity of the scattered light is measured after multiple reflections within the integrating sphere.

The intensity of the total light transmitted can be determined by measuring with the sphere exit closed. The haze value is calculated from the ratio of the scattered light and the total transmitted light.

In addition to the haze, the transmittance of the sample is measured. This is derived from the ratio of the total transmitted light and the intensity of the illumination. The measurements are shown online on a display as percentages and therefore provide an objective indication of quality instead of a visual subjective assessment.

The measurement results can be documented and analysed with high-performance software tools owing to the link via the interface RS232.


Online measurement The measurements are made while the sample is moving. No stop of production required.
Easy touchSimple menu-guided desktop with coloured touch display
Online measurement presentation  – The measurement results are continuously updated on the display
Multi-point calibration  – Simple multi-point calibration
Compensation measurement  – Continuous reference beam measurement to compensate for changes in the intensity of the illumination
Fault diagnosis System monitoring by means of a continuous self-test of the hardware components
Light technologyChoppered light source, therefore no effect from temperature and ambient light
Signal processing  – Use of modern LOCK-IN amplifier technology
Embedded technology  – Integrated embedded PC for unit control
Remote control  – Remote control via serial RS-232 interface
Open database format  – The measurement data can be converted into all common data formats (Access, Excel, …) because of the link to the Film Analyser Software
Quality assurance  – The RS232 interface permits connection to a printer, e.g. for printing out statistics, and is therefore the ideal preparation for ISO 900


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