Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Pellet Size and Shape Distribution System PSSD

The measuring system PSSD – Pellet Size and Shape Distribution System from Optical Control Systems, inspects the size and shape distribution of granules or pellets.

The system is suitable for:
• Quality control polymer production processes
• Measuring the size and shape of transparent or non-transparent granules, eg. twins, triples, dog bones and fines
• Continuous process pelletiser monitoring including pellet weight/count

The measuring system PSSD – Pellet Size and Shape Distribution System – inspects the size and shape distribution of granules or pellets. The system works at high speed which contributes to expediting production processes and improving quality control. At a large measurement range and high throughput, up to 50 kg/h depending on the size of the pellets, a high repeatability is guaranteed, independent of the shape of the pellet.

The system consists of a housing containing a high-speed line sensor, a lighting source and the transport mechanism. The line sensor is connected to a high-performance image-processing computer, which is integrated into a 19”-4HE housing.

Mode of Operation
It is possible to test transparent and non-transparent granules. To gain a better overview, the pellets are classified in up to 10 definable class sizes of 100µm and above. The resolution is 100µm. The line sensor and the lighting source are installed opposite one another. The pellets move from a funnel over a vibrating conveyor to a ramp between sensor and lighting source. From there, they fall into a container in one layer and are recorded gaplessly by the sensor.

The software is completely menu-driven and meets SAA-standard. Operating the system is thus very user-friendly and easy to learn. All measuring data and results are stored on hard disc together with time and date which facilitates later evaluation (SPC).

During the measurement, the recorded images and the measurement data can be observed on a monitor. The results can be represented in coloured graphs or tabular form and after each completed measurement a test certificate can be printed out. For further evaluation, it is possible to create diagrams on time behaviour and histograms. It is also possible to define alarm limits. When these are exceeded, a floating contact is switched (optional). The existing process interface can optionally be configured according to customer requirements. The system offers the possibility to make many individual adjustments which ensures an exact adaptation to special requirements. These can be stored on hard disk. Thus, an unlimited number of adjustments for many different kinds of material can be defined and stored so that changing from one mode of examination to another is considerably easy.

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