Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Powder Testing System PT-2C

Powder Testing System (PT2C) from Optical Control Systems, with colour camera counts and classifies contamination.

Colour classes can be defined with the “teaching” tool to detect discolorations and foreign bodies which are different in colour to the bulk material, like PVC, PP, PE etc.

This system is suitable for:

  • Detection of discolouration and foreign particles which are different in colour to the bulk material
  • Laboratory use as well as on-line inspection, eg. PVC, PP Powder or other non-clumping types of powder
  • Submission of powder as individual samples or from the production line by creating a by-pass

The system is capable of detecting contamination and discoloured powder particles (pink, yellow, brown, blanc etc.). These inhomogenities are sorted into different class sizes which are completely user definable. Furthermore, it is possible to define alarm limits. If these are exceeded, a floating contact is activated. This software offers a multitude of configuration possibilities, enabling the user to adapt the system exactly according to individual requirements.

The PT-2C is applicable for laboratory purposes as well as on-line inspection. The powder can be submitted as a sample or it can be withdrawn from the production line by creating a bypass. Using a bypass system gives the user the advantage of direct inspection of the material during the production process. This allows quicker reaction to any defects.

The inspection can be observed on a monitor and visible defects marked and indexed. Images of special importance can be stored and the results represented by a variety of graphics and tables. A colour printer documents the results. The data, software adjustments, the time and duration of the inspection can be easily accessed. This facilitates later evaluation or long-term evaluation.

The Powder Testing System (PT-2C) is capable of inspecting up to 1 kg/hour, nominally. The actual throughput is dependent on the physical characteristics of the powder. The system can be integrated into any internal data processing by means of an existing software interface, e.g. via Ethernet. The unit is robust and maintenance-friendly.

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