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Article Name Author Code
Interactive Dictionary for Polymer Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Rheology Solutions Kit for Polymer Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Understanding a Fog Testing System S.Pratt ANTCFOFTEST0311
Performance of Peltier II System for Series 1 Rheometer W.Marquardt HA008
MiniLab – Compunder and Reactor G.Isaakides, Dr.A.Frendel, J.Bouton HA009
Improvements on Laboratory Scaled Mixers for Rubber compound Qualification HA010
Standard Liquids for the Calibration of Viscometers W.Marquardt HA013
Influence of Droplet Size on Rheological Properties of Emulsions HAAKE HA014
Special Motor Technology Allows New and Improved Rheological Test Methods W.Marquardt HA015
Calibration of Rotational Rheometers W.Marquardt HA018
New Experimental Possibilities for the Investigation of the Melting of Polymer Blends M.Bastian, T.Gabor, P.Reinheimer HA019
UV Curing Characterisation by Rheological Techniques M.Toalson, T.Richards HA021
HAAKE Series 1 – “Lift” Control Options W.Marquardt HA022
Elongational Viscosity of Polymer melts. A new method for Labwork and On-Line Monitoring H Braun, W.Gleissle HA024
Viscosity Measurement of Novel Polymers and Additives Using a Conical Micro Twin Screw Compounder S.R.Kim HA025
Thermo Unveils Pharma-Focused Extruder Thermo Electron HA026
Conductivity under Shear Flow Thermo Electron HA028
Flexibility in Polymer Research M.Jahling, A.Frendel HA029
A Practical Approach to Scale-Up from Bench-Top Twin-Screw Extruders A.Swanborough HA031
New Measuring Cell for UV Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temperatures HA047
Advances in Small Scale Processing Equipment for Polymers and Additives A.Swanborough HA049
The Impact of PE Based Adhesive Resins and Other Thermoplastic Matrix on Mechanical Properties of Ground Rubber Tires-Thermoplastics Composites S.Kim, C.Han, S.J.Kim HA052
Dies for Rheomex Extruders: Horizontal Sheet and Ribbon Dies Thermo HAAKE Group HL-011E
Parallel Twin Screw Extruder – Rheomex PTW25 Thermo HAAKE Group HL-013E
The HAAKE Optical Testing system – OQT512 Thermo HAAKE Group HL-014E
Technical Paper 1 – The Processibility Testing of Pourable Thermoset Compounds Thermo HAAKE Group HL-015E
Technical Paper 2 – The Testing of the Flow and Cure Properties of Pourable Thermoset Compounds Thermo HAAKE Group HL-016E
How to Relate Test Results to Problem in Fire Production M.Schreyer HL-017E
Modern Test Methods for Characterising the Modern Behaviour of Polymers W.Morio HL-019E
The Rheological Testing of Polymers Using a Modern Computerised Torque Rheometer Thermo HAAKE Group HL-022E
Comparison of Several Rheometers Using 3PE Polymers to Link Their Results to Molecular Structure and Processibility G.Schramm HL-025E
Computersied Extruder Capillary Rheometer Tests and Their Evaluation G.Schramm HL-026E
Rheological Interpretation of Torque Rheometer Mixer Test Data G.Schramm HL-027E
Proceedings of the China – Japan International Congress on Rheology Peking University Press. Beijing China HL-037
Blending & Rheological Measurement Combined M.Schreyer HL-040E
The Measurement of the Complex Rheological Properties of Electro-Viscous Fluids G.Shramm HL-101
HAAKE introduces new Rheometers for ER Fluids Thermo HAAKE Group HL-104
Estsablishing the Test Weight for Mixer Tests LR-01
Test Parameters for Mixer Tests LR-02
Determination of the Resident Time for the Twin Scre Extruder LR-03
Helpful Data for Tests with Extruder Sensors A.Frendel LR-04
Investigation of the Influence of Two Types of Carbon Black on the Flow Behaviour of SAN LR-05e
Investigation of the Flow Characteristics of PEPT at Different Temperatures LR-06e
Energy Calculation In Mixers – Torque and Specific Mechanical Energy LR-07e
Differentiating Rubber Compounds with the Same Mooney Viscosity LR-08e
Investigation of PVC Dry Blends with Different Stabilizers LR-09e
Differentiating PVC Dry Blend Batches with an Extruder Sensor LR-10e
Flow and Cross-Linking Behaviour of Cross-Linking Polyethylene’s (XLPE) LR-11
The Curing Behaviour of Reaction Resin Compounds LR-12e
Characterizing Masterbatches Using the Screen Life Test Method LR-13e
Pigment Differentiation in Masterbatches LR-14e
Testing the Flow Characteristics of Glass Fibre Reinforced TPU LR-15e
Extruding Polymers: Viscosity and Die Swell Depending on the Extrusion / Shear Rate LR-16e
Examining the Plastifying and Degradation Behaviour of PVC LR-17e
Examining the Influence of Stabilizers on the Flow Characteristics of Polyamide LR-18e
Differentiating PP Samples from Different Suppliers with the Same MFI Value LR-19e
Testing the Flow Properties Of Acrylnitril-Butadiene-Styrol-Terpolymer (ABS) LR-20e
Testing the Flow Behaviour of Two Batches of a Ceramic Injection Moulding Compound LR-21e
Application of the Speed Program for the Differentiation of Two Natural Rubber Samples LR-22e
Application of the Temperature Program for the Investigation of the Gelling Behaviour of Plastisols LR-23e
Influence of the Incorporation Sequence of Different Components of the Same Recipe on the Energy Consumption of the Mixing Process LR-24e
Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes / Polymer Composite Fibres A.P.Presler, D.Jacques, T.Rantell, R.Andres LR-25
Testing the Behaviour of Thermosetting Compounds with Respect to Flow and Rate of Cure Making Use of a Torque Rheometer LR-26e
Innovative Solutions for Polymer Processing & Characterisation LR-27e
Compounding – Processing – Rheological Testing: All in One Test Run LR-28e
How to Relate the Results of a Torque Rheometer to Problems in Elastomer Processing LR-29e
The Residual Current Operated Device & PolyLab LR-30e
OQT512 – Applications When Used with the Blown-Film & Sheet, Tape and Ribbon Take-Off LR-31e
Optimising Mixer Tests with the Help of the Worksheet Technique LR-32e
Viscosity Measurement of LDPE Samples with the Same MFI Value LR-33e
Characterisation of PVC-Compounds LR-35e
In-Process Measurement At-Line Testing of 3 HDPE for Determining Film Quality and Simultaneous On-Line MFR/MVR Monitoring LR-36e
Use of Modern PolyLab Torque Rheometer System for Material Characterisation LR-37e
Production of a Blend of Two Different Concentrations by a Parallel Double Screw Extruder and a Further Processing Through a Melt Pump and Following Measurement of the Rheological Characteristics in Slot and Rod Capillary Dies LR-38e
New Die Design for the Characterisation of the Extensional and Shear Properties of Polymers for Laboratory and On-line Use A.Rutherford, P.Reinheimer, G.Chaidron, J.Nijman, H.Petri LR-39
Rubber Testing. Kinetic Quality Control Of Rubber Carbon Black LR-40
A Collaborative Study of the Structural and Rheological Properties of EVOH/SMA Blends Produced by Reactive Extrusion P.S.Hope, J.G.Bonner, J.E.Curry LR-42
Mini-Lab Compounder and Reactor LR-43
Test Methods for Characterisation and Optimisation of Recycling Polymers LR-44e
Determining Formulation and Predicting Processibility of “PIM” Feedstock LR-45e
Conductivity Measurement for Rubber Compound Qualification LR-46e
Evaluation of an Instrumentation Lab-Scale Extruder for Melt Extrusion LR-47
Influence of the Sample Weight on PVC Fusion Test LR-48e
Filter Pressure Valve Test (FPV test) – A New Standard to Examine Master Batches, White and Carbon Black Colorants LR-49e
Use of Bench-Top Twin Screw Extruders for Development of Powder Coatings LR-50
Recent Developments on Bench-Top Twin-Screw Compounders A.Swanborough LR-51
Degradation Tests – A New Test Procedure to Examine Polymers and Antioxidants with the HAAKE MiniLab LR-52
Online Colour Measurement in Polymer Compounding LR-54
Residence Time Measurements In Bench Top Twin-Screw Extruders A.Swanborough LR-55
Ceramics – Compounding of Feed Stock with PTW16XL and Sample Productions with MiniJet I.A.Frendel LR-56
The Piezo Axial Vibrator – New Perspectives for On-Line Viscosity Measurements on Polymer Z.Schuppe, T.Geilen, J.Maia, J.Covac, H.Petri LR-57
Small Scale Catheter Production A.Wunsch, D.Haunch, I.A.Frendel LR-58
Evaluating the Plasticisation Process of Different Soft-PVC Samples A.Wunsch, I.Frend LR-59
Correlation between Mixer Tests and the Extrusion Behaviour of PVC Dry Blends M.Jahrling LR-60
Measurement of the Irganox Content on Polypropylene Polymers during Extrusion W.Becker, N.Eisenreich LR-61
Nanocomposites – Examples on Compounding of Nanoclay Blends in Twin Screw Extruders A.Wunsch, D.Haunch, I.A.Frendel LR-62
Influence of the Incorporation Sequence of Different Components on the Energy Consumption of the Mixing Process with the HAAKE PolyLab QC M.Jahrling LR-65
Compounding of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Suspensions with Polypropylene J.Jahrling, D.Hauch LR-68
Gas Phase Control of a Polymer Slurry Process for Solvent Acrylic and Water Borne Polymers Marimex MX003
Q: Does a Larger Fluid Reservoir Give Me More Cooling Capacity and Improved Temperature Stability? PFTSmartNote01
Q: I Plan On Using My Bath Circulator For External Circulation Only. Should I Get a Large Reservoir That Can Absorb The Heat For More Stability? PFTSmartNote02
Q: I Want To Use a Bath To Immerse My Vessels. How Do I Select The Right Size Bath For My Application? PFTSmartNote03
Q: How Do I Achieve the Best (Fastest) Time-to-Temperature from a Heated Bath Circulator? PFTSmartNote04
Q: I Need a Specific, Controlled Rate of Heating (i.e. Temperature Ramp). How Do I Ensure That My Heated Bath Circulator Will Be Able to Control to That Temperature Rate? PFTSmartNote05
Q: What Steps Can I Take to Ensure That My Heated Bath Circulator Can Actually Bring My Application to Setpoint Temperature ? PFTSmartNote06
Big Brother for Films O.Hissman OCS001
The Embedded Solution as a Symbiosis of Intelligent Hardware and Software O.Hissman OCS002
Film Inspection – A Question of Location O.Hissman OCS003
Online Quality control of Polymers and Extruded Films O.Hissman OCS004
Uncompromising Eyes O.Hissman, G.Finn OCS006
High-Quality Pharmaceutical Film O.Hissman, A.Schnabel OCS007
Complete Control O.Hissman OCS008
Standard Search for Specks….Film Inspection H.Steen, O.Hissman OCS009
Surface Smoothness Test for Power Cable Semi-Conductive Compounds (Semicons) Cabot OCS010
Online Polymer Analysis in Borealis: a Step Change in Process and Quality Control Borealis OCS011
Online Measurement of Contaminants on Polymer Pellets A.Schnabel & O.Hissman OCS012
“Live” Quality Control – Integrated Inspection OCS/Borealis OCS013
Rapid Evaluation of Pigment Dispersion Using a Bench Top Twin Screw Compounder A.Swanborough PRISM001
Recent Developments in Bench Top Twin Screw Compounders A.Swanborough PRISM002
Small Scale Twin-Screw Extruders for Polyolefins Compound A.Swanborough PRISM003
Viscoelastic Properties of Sterculia Striate Gum in the Presence of Sodium Chloride A.F.deBrito, M.R.Sierakowski, F.Reicher, J.P.A.Feitosa, Paula RF-060902-BR-01
Rheology as a Tool for Immiscible Polymer Blends Characterisation: Interfacial Tension and Compatibilisation P.H.P.Macaubas, N.Raymonde Demarquette RF-110902-BR-01
Linear Viscoelastic Characterisation of High-Melt-Strength Polypropylenes over a Broad Range of Frequencies C.He, P.Wood-Adams, J.M.Dealy, R.L.Sammler, T.P.Karjala RF-110902-CA-01
Carboxymethyl Starch Gels for Ultrasonic Examinations C.Seidel, W.M.Kulicke RF-120902-DE-03
Rheological Study of the Sol-Gel Transition in Silica Alkoxides RF-120902-FR-01
Phase Morphology Development in Reactively Compatibilised Polyethylene Terephthalate/Elastomer Blends W.Loyens, G.Greoninckx RF-130802-SE-01
Estimating Interfacial Tension between Molten Polymers Using Fiber Instabilities G.Palmer, N.Demarquette RF-130902-BR-01
Optimization of the Rheological Characterisation for a Biodegradable, Cheap and Multipurpose Thermoplastic Made of Corn Flour S.Brouuillet Fourman, C.Carrot, N.Mignard, F.Prochazka RF-160702-FR-01
Effect of surface Modification on the Interfacial Tension Between the Melts of High-Density Polyethylene and Nylon 66 : Correlation Between Rheology and Morphology H-J.Kim, Y.Seo RF-190702-KR-01
Time-Tempertaure Studies of Gellan Polysaccharide Gelation in the Presence of High Levels of Co-Solutes M.T.Nickerson, A.T.Paulson, R.A.Speers RF-19020902-CA-01
Rheological Study of the Compatibilisation of PVC/PE Blends with Chlorinated Polyethylene RF-190902-ES-02
Enhanced Rheological Properties of Polyethylene/EPDM Modified Bituminous Binders A.Perez-Lepe RF-190902-ES-03
Alignment Mechanical Characterisation of Vapor Growth Carbon Nanofibers in Polyethylene L.Lozano, V.Diaz RF-190902-US-01
Controlling Gel Formation in Clay Dispersions via Water-Soluble Polymer : Viscoelasticity and Kinetics of Gel Formation H.Sardinha, S.R.Bhatia RF-190902-US-02
Rheological and Electrical Characterisation of Highly Conducting Polyaniline Gels I.Gonzalez, M.Vecino RF-200902-ES-02
Morphology Development by Reactive Compatibilisation and Dynamic Vulcanization of Nylon 6 / EPDM Blends with a High Rubber Fraction J.Oderkerk, G.Groeninckx RF-230802-SE-01
Investigation of Wave Interfacial Instabilities in Coextrusion Flows M.Zatloukal RF-260302-CZ-01
Gelling of Ceramic Suspensions Using an Algae-Derived Polymer A.R.Studart, V.C.Pandolfelli, E.Tervoort, L.J.Gauckler RF-260802-CH-01
The Cambridge Polymer Group Silly Putty “Egg” Cambridge Polymer Group Rheo009TP
Quality Control in the Polymer Industry – Introduction to Cutting Edge Technologies and Their Application in the Polymer Industry T.Kealy Rheo023TP
Rheology For The Rubber And Elastomer Industries: Introduction to the Influences Of Rheological and Process Parameters and Methods for Their Measurement T.Kealy Rheo024TP
Current Possibilities for Extrusion and Mixing – Introduction to the Current Technologies for Measurement and Control Process Parameters T.Kealy Rheo026
Nano-Dispersion of Clay Makes Better, Cleaner Plastics A.E. Messer Rheo034
Rheoscope 1 The Correlation Between Flow and Structure P.Reinheimer, D.Eidam, A.Colin, M.Lescanne Rheo036
Rheoscope and Polarized Light Microscopy P.Reinheimer Rheo037
FAQ’s to RheoScope Thermo HAAKE Rheo038
New Die Design for the Characterization of the Extensional and Shear Properties of Polymers for Laboratory and On-Line Use Ruthardt, Reinheimer, G.Chaidron, J.Nijman Rheo041
Caber® Tests on Yield Stress Fluids Cambridge Polymer Group Rheo044
Through the Looking Glass. An alice in Wonderland View of Polymer Science D.Solomon Rheo045
Solving Rheological Application Problems with the Caber 1 Extensional Rheometer J.Nijman, G.Moench, G.Braithwaite, G.Neal Rheo046
New Technologies for the Investigation of Low-viscous Structural Fluids S.Kim Rheo047
QC Measurements for Liquid Food Products and Packaging Rheo051
On-Line Optical QC Measurements for Manufacturing Industries T.Kealy Rheo053
Polymer and Polymer Based Process Characterisation for Applications based Material and Extruder Optimisation A.Swanborough, T.Kealy Rheo054
Materials Testing for Polymer Processing Industries T.Kealy Rheo109
Instrument Application Note: Quality Control in the Polymer Industry T.Kealy Rheo177
Instrument Application Note: Current Possibilities for Extrusion and Mixing T.Kealy Rheo178
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Compounding T.Kealy Rheo289
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Processability T.Kealy Rheo290
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Shark Skin T.Kealy Rheo291
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Die Swell T.Kealy Rheo292
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Flow & Viscosity T.Kealy Rheo364
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Thixotropy T.Kealy Rheo366
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Yield Stress T.Kealy Rheo368
Laboratory and Process Quality Control Techniques for Polymer Manufacturing and Polymer Processing Industries T.Kealy Rheo376
Optimising the Selection Of a Re-Circulating Chiller S.Pratt TNTCCHILLER1210
Customer Case Study – Vinyl Compounds Ltd
“Using the Thermo Scientific PolyLab QC helps ensure consistent quality of our PVC compounds – across the board”
R.Loynes TS053
Polymer Package for HAAKE Rheometers W.Marquardt V125
Measuring Uncertainties at the VT550 Kutschmann V140
How to Select the Most Adequate Sensor for Your Application G.Gonzalez V166(NR)
Understanding the Temperature-Time-Relationship for Thermosetting Systems C.Gonzalez V167E
Rheological Investigation of Three Rubbers with Different Shore Factors with Respect to their Shape Stability before Curing Eidam, Liehr V169E
Yield Point Measurements with Modern CS Rheometer Liehr V173E
Intelligent Software in Rheometry with Snapshot Technology W.Marquardt V188
Rheological Tests on Thermoplastic Elastomers E.Kutschmann V191E
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Molecular Weight Distribution – Polystyrene, Blends of Standards, Same MW, Different MWD Thermo Haake Group V212
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Polymer Solutions Polystyrene, Mw =1.8 Mio g/mol in Styrene Oligomers at Very Low Concentrations Thermo Haake Group V213
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Binary Polymer Mixtures Polystyrene Blends of Standards Mw =1.8 Mio g/mol + Mw =13 Mio g/mol Thermo Haake Group V214
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Reproducibility Newtonian Test Fluids E6000 and E40000 Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V215
Test Liquids Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V218
Cellusosic Derivatives in Capillary Break-Up – Influence of the MWD and Gel Particles J.Plog v219
Measurements on Selected (Semi-Solids) in a Wide Temperature Range using New Solids Clamp K.Oldorp, J.Nijman, C.Kuchenmeister V220
Solvent Trap & Double Cone System for Reproducible Results in Rheological Measurements of Low Viscous Volatile Fluids A.Fischer V229
Rheological Methods for Determining Molecular Weight & Molecular Weight Distribution A.Fischer V230
Improved Torque Sensitivity and Normal Force Resolution for Routine Measurements A.Fischer V231
Preparation of a Pressure Cell for Sensitive Measurements K.Oldorp, U.Schultz V233
Investigating the Processing Properties of Instant Release Film-coating Polymers in Aqueous Solutions by Means of Extensional Rheology T.Agnese, T.Cech, W.Dejan, N.W.Rottmann, F.Soergel V235
Automatic Detection of the Thermal Degredation of a Polymer Jong, K.Oldorp V237
Detailed Analysis of Curing Reactions of Polyurethane Resins Using the Rheonaut Technology for Simultaneous Rheometry and FT-IR M.Feustel, C.Kuchenmeister, J.Plog V247
Influence of Preparation Method on Viscosity of Different Poloxamers T.Agnese, T.Cech, M.G.Herting, F.Soergel V249
Curing of an Acrylate Glue – Rheology with Simultaneous FTIR-Spectroscopy K.Oldorp V254
Enhanced Oil Recovery and Elongational Flow – The Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER 1 K.Oldorp V256
Monitoring Emulsions Morphology Under Shear via Simultaneous Rheometry and In-situ FI-IR Spectroscopy K.Sugimoto, F.Soergel, M.Feustel V257
Characterising Long-chain Branching in Polyethylene with Extensional Rheology J.Plog, U.Schultz V261
Tracking UV Curing Fast Reactions in a Rheometer Using the Fast Oscillation Mode K.Oldorp V263