Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Sample Tester ST-4

The Sample Testing System ST4 was designed for the precise inspection of surfaces with a small area. Transparent materials such as films, sheets, glass etc. and non-transparent/opaque materials like coloured films, rubber, paper, metals or textiles can be examined.

The system detects impurities, holes, scratches and other surface irregularities. It is suitable for laboratory use and for research and development.

The ST4 is a small compact unit consisting of a special high-speed digital line sensor and two lighting units, one located in the protecting aluminium housing and one just above. The line sensor is connected to a high-performance image-processing computer, which is integrated into a 19”-4HE housing.

Mode of Operation
Transmission light is used for the inspection of transparent material. For this the lighting unit in the housing is used, with the material moved between it and the sensor. The metal plate is removed and the material placed on the frame and secured with clamps.

Reflection light is used for non-transparent/opaque materials, whereby the outer lighting unit, on the same side of the object as the sensor, is used. The material is placed upon the metal plate which is screwed on to the frame.

The system’s software is menu-driven under Windows NT, user-friendly and complies to a large degree to the SAA-standard. All data is immediately stored and evaluated, and can later be further processed.

• Small compact table unit consisting of a special high-speed digital camera and one, or alternatively two, lighting unit- Reflection/Transmission light mode
• Samples can be fixed on a movable sample frame, with a special step motor maneuvering the samples for scanning
• Designed for the precise inspection of small area surfaces, eg. 30x40cm
• Quality control of transparent materials (like films, sheets), non transparent and opaque materials
• Suitable for R & D, technical service and laboratory applications

Additional Product Information:

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