Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE RotoVisco 1

Accessories for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RotoVisco 1 Viscometer

Air Pressure Switch to control TCE/PC
• Filter Units
• Standard
• Exchange (fine)
• Exchange (active carbon)

Heat Exchanger for Peltier Unit
Liquid Temperature Control unit for cylinder (TCL/ )
Meauring Geometries up to 500°C
Peltier Temperature Control Unit

HAAKE RheoWin Software
• MWD Tool for
• CFR Part II tool
• RheoAdaptive tool

Sample Loading Tool for Plate-cone geometries
Sample Trimming Tool for Plate-cone geometries
SHRP Bitumen Sensor
Sample Hood and Solvent Trap
Temperature Measuring Sensor
Test Fluids
Universal Container Holder
UV curing Cell

Additional Product Information:

Item Size Download
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Series 1 Accessories Brochure 108kb Download
Investigation of Curing Behaviour with a Newly Designed Ring Rotor (P-001) 168kb Download
Sample Loading Tool for Measurements on Pellets & Powders using Plate/plate or Cone/plate Measuring Geometries (P-002) 93kb Download
Sample Trimming Tool to Remove Overfilling in a Plate/plate or Cone/plate Measuring Geometry (P-003) 78kb Download
New Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials (P-006) 82kb Download
Sample Hood with Integrated Solvent Trap (P-007) 103kb Download
UV-Curing Cell for HAAKE Rheometers(P-013) 210kb Download
Standard Liquids (P-015) 129kb Download

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