Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rotovisco 1 – Sensor Systems

Comprehensive accessory portfolio contains coaxial cylinders, plate/plate and cone/plate measuring geometries, custom-tailored dimensions, and made of various materials for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Series 1.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Series 1 instruments are compatible with a whole range of sensor systems made from titanium for the rotating part and stainless steel for the stationary part. Aluminium is used for the disposable systems. For high temperature applications the geometries are equipped with a ceramic shaft to prevent excessive heat loss.

Measuring Geometries up to 200°C
• Plate-cone
• Plate-plate
• Double gap
• Double cone
• Plate-plate (disposable)
• Plate-plate serrated

Measuring Geometries up to 500°C
• Plate-cone
• Plate-plate
• Double cone
• Plate-plate (disposable)

Measuring Geometeries
• Cylinder Double Gap
• Cylinder to DIN53019/ISO3219
• Cylinder
• Cylinder to DIN53019/ISO3219 (dispoable)
• Vane Rotors
• Plate for SHRP temerpature control unit

Sample Loading Tool for Plate-cone geometries

Sample Trimming Tool for Plate-cone geometries

Temperature Measuring Sensors

Additional Product Information:

Item Size Download
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Series 1 Sensor Specifications 995kb Download
Investigation of Curing Behaviour with a Newly Designed Ring Rotor (P-001) 168kb Download
Sample Loading Tool for Measurements on Pellets & Powders using Plate/plate or Cone/plate Measuring Geometries (P-002) 93kb Download
Sample Trimming Tool to Remove Overfilling in a Plate/plate or Cone/plate Measuring Geometry (P-003) 78kb Download
New Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials (P-006) 82kb Download
Sample Hood with Integrated Solvent Trap (P-007) 103kb Download
UV-Curing Cell for HAAKE Rheometers(P-013) 210kb Download
Standard Liquids (P-015) 129kb Download

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