Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Blown Film Tower BFT300/400

The Blown Film Tower BFT 300/400 from Optical Control Systems, with film haul-off and extrusion die are used to produce high-quality carrying out optical properties like Haze-Gloss-and physical measurement on the film.

The mechanical design corresponds to a production system in laboratory scale. All settings and configuration parameters are stored by the system (touch panel), which means that the film quality can be reproduced at any time. This is particularly important for optical on-/off-line measurement, such as gels, contamination, haze, gloss, etc. Reproducible film qualities are also important for on-/off-line density and additive measurement.

The complete unit can be remote controlled.

The tower height is electrically driven, free adjustable and can therefore be set optimally for all extruded materials.

Take Off Rolls
The take-off nip rolls are driven pneumatically and the temperature is optionally adjustable. The film bubble can be stabilised with additional guiding rolls, adjustable wooden grids and Teflon-coated rolls are leading the film bubble into a flat layer film.

Guide Rolls
The guiding rolls are made of stainless steel. Some guiding rolls are special designed to prevent wrinkles.

Touch Screen Panel
The blown film tower is operated via a colour LCD touch panel. All parameters, e.g. haul-off speed, film tension, winding force, winder diameter, cooling air, film width, etc. can be set here and stored as a configuration file.

Film Width
An optical device measures the width of the flattened film and controls the diameter of the film bubble. In this way, the desired film width remains constant. The film width is recorded and shown graphically on the touch panel.

Haul-Off Unit
A tension roll measures the film’s tension continuously and controls the speed of the rubber nip rolls automatically. In this way, the complete haul-off unit is adjusted automatically to the film speed and it’s elasticity. The winding shaft is operated pneumatically and permits coreless winding.

The winding force can also be set and thus permits optimum winding behaviour for all materials. The winding tension is measured and regulated.

A film break and direction detector is integrated and permits high operating safety, in particular for on-line applications.

Air Blower
The cooling air blower is frequency- controlled and therefore highly accurate.
The labyrinth of the cooling ring guarantees an even air flow.

Dies have 6 or 8 spirals and therefore enable an optimal and even distribution of the melt. Dies have 3 separate heating zones.

An ionising unit reduces static charges. All motors (three) are maintenance-free three-phase A.C. servomotors with feedback.

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