Fog Testing System

Complete systems designed to determine the values as defined in the DIN, ISO and SAE standards. Improved and expanded line of fog testing systems with multiple levels, features, and performance that measure VOCs for leather, vinyl, plastics, and textiles for automotive, marine, transportation, or aerospace.

Thermo Scientific Horizon Fogging Test System

Used to determine the evaporation of volatile components, primarily used in the automotive industry.

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Shaking Water Bath

Baths for samples that need to be tempertaure controlled and shaken. Accurante temperature control, variable fluid levels and easy cleaning make operation and maintenance simple.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Shaking Water Bath

Features a safety level for constant-running in addition to a very accurate temperature control.

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Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Utilise your in-house water supply to remove heat from your water cooled application. These cost-effective, compact reliable units provide up to 100kW of cololing and supply clean, temperature controlled coolant to your application.

Thermo Scientific NESLAB Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Provide heat removal from an existing in-house water supply. Temperature range +5°C – +35°C

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