Refigerated Circulators

Refrigerated bath circulators cover wide temperature ranges to meet you application needs. Appropriate for cooling analytical instrumentation or running a complex temperature profile.

Thermo Scientific VersaCool

Refrigerated or Heated Recirculating bath with NEW Headless design.  

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Thermo Scientific ARCTIC Refrigerated Bath Circulators

In a range of sizes, depths & openings. Temperature Range -40°C – +300°C.

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Ultra Low Temperature Circulators

When your cooling needs require temperature as low as -750C to -900C. Designed primarily to circulate to external closed loop applications.

Thermo Scientific GLACIER Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulators

High heating & cooling capacity. Rapid heat up & cool down. Temperature range -50°C –

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB ULT Ultra Low Circulators

Designed for circulating to external applications. Temperature Range -90°C to +10°C

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