Construction Monitoring Unit

Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

The concrete quality depends on the respect of the setting and curing of it.

Newsteo™ has developed the Newsteo™ Builder, which allows to store and remotely check those parameters, since the first hours of the setting and during the following years (up to 7 years).

Newsteo™ provides a wireless device, the Newsteo™ Builder, embedding sensors for the measurement of temperature, moisture and shrinkage of the concrete.

It is directly buried into the concrete and it records the corresponding measurements in its non-erasable embedded memory (which can be at any time read by a PC). It can also transmit them in real time, without any wire, to a PC.

As all the measurements are dated, the user gets the complete history of the supervised concrete.

2 versions of the Newsteo™ Builder are available, with or without the shrinkage sensor.

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