Manufactured By:  Schleibinger Gerate

Temperature has an big influence in the development of strength of concrete. High temperatures are increasing strength development, lower temperatures are decreasing it. The acceleration of setting may be estimated by Sauls law. Concrete with the same mix design has the same strength at different temperature of the environment if they have the same curing factor R:

R = sum_i(ti (Ti+10)) [°C * days]

Also more modern formulas for estimating R where suggested. See for example the standards DIN 1045 part 3 chapter 5.6.1 or ASTM C1074 – 10

Schleibinger developed, in cooperation with Bilfinger-Berger, an instrument for curing simulation. A sensor, placed in the fresh concrete measures the temperature. The temperature data are sent wireless to the Curing Simulator. Specimen of the same concrete are placed in a water tank. The temperature of the water is kept on the same temperature as the concrete part at the building site. The strength development of the specimen is the same as the strength at the building site. The measured temperature profile is recorded and may be recalled later. The temperature sensors may be connected directly or sent with a small transmitter to the curing simulator. With a built in wired or wireless modem you may access the instrument from any computer over the Internet. An optional built in cooling machine may cool down the specimen below room temperature.

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