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FSP600 Film Scanning System

The Wide Web Inspection System FSP600 from Optical Control Systems is a modular inspection for testing sheet material quality.

It consists of a powerful Windows image processor and software, which collects and evaluates the measuring data of separate work stations. All image processors are networked via Ethernet. Each work station represents and independent inspection unit, equipped with image processor, line camera, lighting unit and software, and examines a section of the web. Dependent on the width of the web the individual work stations are installed perpendicular to the film direction.

The FSP600 is suitable for both transparent and non-transparent or pigmented sheet materials in a broad range of plastics such as LDPE or HDPE, PVC or PTE, and many others, no matter whether the sheeting is blown, flat or calendered. Various lighting systems are available to suit the individual application: measurement by transmission, reflection or a combination of both methods is possible.

The FSP600 is a modular inspection system which can be adapted optimally to all production facilities and configured individually for the relevant application. The FSP600 can, for example, be set up precisely to cover the width of the web to be inspected. The drawing off speed can also be precisely set to obtain the desired resolution. In addition, the FSP600 is capable of working with several cameras simultaneously, exactly as the user requires. The system can also detect defects in the µm, mm or cm range, depending on the application.

The FSP600 is not only capable of locating defects precisely, but also of evaluating, recording, documenting, archiving and, if required, printing them out to user-defined specifications. Account is taken of the size, shape and intensity, and distinctions made between various types of defect. The defects themselves can be displayed as real pictures, and the images saved, facilitating rapid assignment of the results to the pictures of the actual defects. Furthermore, a defect strip provides an opportunity to recognise the entire defect distribution situation on the sheet material at a glance.

As the latest technology in the field of testing systems for sheet material quality, the FSP600 is already in service with leading companies worldwide, simultaneously achieving improvements in both the efficiency of the production process and the quality of the products. An indispensable enhancement.

The FSP600 facilitates automatic inspection of fast running, broad plastic sheeting and sheets in glass and wood, paper, metal and other materials. A 100 percent scan is continuously made on the surfaces, defects are located and simultaneously recorded. The material speed is also precisely measured, allowing the system to adapt intelligently and automatically. In this way, the FSP600 can detect even the smallest defects, such as gelling, fish-eyes and burns, black spots and holes, scratches and folds. In short, the system provides for inspection down to the finest detail. A system for quality and efficiency If limits are exceeded, this is signalled acoustically and optically, for instance via a freely configurable process interface. Immediate action, for example marking of the defects with labels at the edge of the sheeting, can be taken to limit the damage, allowing the affected areas to be cut out during further processing. On roll changes, the measurement results are assigned to the individual rolls and a record covering the entire job is compiled.

The evaluation process itself is application-orientated: it supports up to 32 different uses. An additional software package which can be installed opens up extensive opportunities for statistical analysis. Product quality can therefore be monitored and optimised over long periods. At the same time, the results provide the manufacturer with evidence of guaranteed and continuous product quality to satisfy the customer. When the data and results on defects located are imported into other programs, such as Excel, they can be used for further in-house analysis. The connection of the FSP600 to a host computer or bus system even makes remote online maintenance possible, securing a high level of system availability and rapid troubleshooting. In this way, the FSP 600 as a high tech testing system opens up new dimensions in quality control.

• 100% quality control-no overlap or gaps
• Modular inspection system
• Individual cameras calibration
• Measurement data continuously available
• Real time monitoring
• 3-dimensional evaluation
• Separate results for each slit of the web


Defect Screen Dump


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