Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Full Notch Creep Test FNCT

The Full Notch Creep Test from Optical Control Systems, is a widely used method to classify polyethylene materials in regards to their slow crack growth behaviour under accelerated conditions.

In this test, a typically square sample is submerged into a surface active agent.

Depending on the chosen test conditions, the agent is held at a certain temperature (up to 95°C) throughout the test. A steady tensile load is applied to the sample, which has a defined circumferential notch to initiate crack growth. The time to failure is measured and used for the classification of the material. The different test conditions and parameters are summarized amongst other in ISO standard 16770.

Although the test was originally developed to evaluate PE materials for pipes, it is also used to investigate the long term behaviour and durability of samples made with other manufacturing methods (e.g. blown moulded containers, welded and extruded parts) and other polymers.

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