Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Gloss Measurement System GM5

The Glossmeter from Optical Control Systems, serves the determination of the gloss characteristics of the manufactured film.

The measurements are effected at the current process by analysis of the reflected light. The Ethernet Interface permits the evaluation and documentation of the measuring data.

The data exchange is realised by Modbus/TCP protocol or optional OPC server.

The measurement process is automatically controlled (back round measuring and calibration).

The measured sensor signals are digitised after analogue processing.

By using an RS232-interface, the data can be passed onto a PC or onto the Film Quality Testing system – FSA100.

If the data is transmitted to the FSA100 system, it is possible to display details concerning film quality as well as the haze.

The Glossmeter (GM5) is certified according to ASTM D 523,  DIN 67530, EN 14086, ASTM D2457.

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