Liquid Analyser LA20

The OCS Liquid Analyser (LA20) with colour camera was developed to count and classify contaminations in transparent liquid substances.

The system is capable of detecting contaminations like particles and fibres and sort them into different colour, size and shape classes.

The system consists of a lighting housing and a camera housing opposite each other. The liquid is transported by a dosing pump through a flow cell in between. The 3CCD colour camera is connected to a high performance image processing computer which is integrated into a 19″- 4HE housing. The path length is 1mm.

Mode of operation
The liquid substance is pumped through the flow cell using a high-precision dosing pump (30μl/min – 2.7l/min). It is possible to check transparent liquid substances for particles above 10μm. As the camera is installed opposite the light source, a particle is detected because it absorbs light or has a different colour than the liquid. By using polarised light it is additionally possible to detect fibres.

During the measurement, the recorded images and the measurement data can be observed on a monitor. The results can be represented in coloured graphs or tabular form and after each completed measurement a test certificate can be printed out. For further evaluation, it is possible to create diagrams on time behaviour and histograms. It is also possible to define alarm limits. When these are exceeded, a floating contact is switched (optional). The existing process interface can optionally be configured according to customer requirements. The system offers the possibility to make many individual adjustments which ensures an exact adaptation to special requirements. These can be stored on hard disk. Thus, an unlimited number of adjustments for many different kinds of material can be defined and stored so that changing from one mode of examination to another is considerably easy.