Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Measuring Extruder ME20/26

The Measuring Extruder ME 20/26 from Optical Control Systems is suitable for cast and blown film extruder lines for the production of polymer cast or blown film and can be used in combination with Chill Rolls and Winding Units.

Extrusion of strands for compounding or pelletising
Production of narrow vast/blown film to monitor the film quality and for additive measurement
Optimal use with Chill Roll and Winding Unit (CR-9)
All components designed for continuous operation
Continuous data recording and evaluation

The Measuring-Extruder 20/25D (type ME 20/26) can be used optimally with the CR9 for the production of narrow cast film to monitor the quality of polymers for laboratory and production line use.


Chill Rolls & Winding Unit CR9

All of the data relevant to the extrusion can be recorded and later evaluated. Any PC is suitable to display this. For automated applications, it is possible to control the complete extruder remotely using an interface.

Driving unit and extruder are optimised and all components designed for continuous operation, so that this extruder is suited for use both in the laboratory and on-line parallel to production.

The extruder and the driving unit are mounted on a housing in which the electric drive components are situated. This housing in turn is situated on a steel frame, which stands alternatively on four height-adjustable legs or four wheels.

Electrical control via a revolving control cabinet is ergonomically located above the extruder. Because of this, a good overall view of the operating panel from every position is ensured.

A 45-degree adapter is available which optimises the casting point on a chill roll and is mounted between the die and the extruder. Melt pressure and melt temperature can also be displayed using a measuring ring.

The extruder can be fitted with a pressure / speed controller. Furthermore, the current torque of the driving unit can be indicated. A special on-line hopper has been designed to take only as much material as the feeding zone of the extruder can take. This way, the shortest possible reaction time of the measuring system to changes in the material quality is ensured.

Different cast film dies (50 – 150 mm) can be mounted to the extruder. Screws made of special steel with chrome-plating are available with different compression ratios (2:1, 3:1, 4:1). This allows a large range of raw materials to be tested.

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