Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Mixing Extruder ME – Pelletising Systems

Lab scale strand pelletiser consists of:
Measuring Extruder ME 20/26
• Strands die
• Water bath
• Strand pelletiser with adjustable speed

The extruder has a TFT touch panel with 4 heating zones, 4 micro processor temperature controls and temperature sensors.

• High-/low temperature alarm with driving-stop
• Alarm signal and alarm-quitting
• Torque indicator
• Torque alarm
• Rotation speed indicator 0..150 rpm
• Rotation adjustment with up/down button
• Strand die with heating, 3 mm and 4 mm diameter
• Sample hopper with “hopper empty” alarm
• 3 zone-screw 4:1 with mixing zone

Additional Product Information:

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Product Brochure 117kb Download
Product Brochure – Extrusion / Cast & Blown Film Lines / Quality Control 1141kb Download
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