Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Melt Index Rheometer OP5

The function of the Optical Control Systems OP5 is to make certified measurements of the Melt Index and/or Polydispersity of small solid polymer samples.

The primary duty of these measurements is overall control of many types of polymerisation processes. This ensures that the product can be made to specific formulations. The secondary duty is Quality Control in final product selling specification and in batch control. The OP5 is logically situated in the plant analysis laboratory, which ensures best reliability and maintainability for these calibrated, precision measurements.

Representative samples are therefore transported from various locations of the polymer manufacturing plant at the call of each analyser. Process Control and QC are full time activities, which require, as a minimum, one sampling point for each analyser.

Typically the OP5 samples every 5 minutes to fit in with the cleaning – measurement-sequence. The delay of measurement is slightly greater than cycle time of the sequence. Although the cycle has been optimised for accuracy but by using the necessary cleaning part of the cycle, the delay is made nearly independent of sample MI value. The real time delay (7-15mins) between the reaction and the measurement, which includes any sampling and sample preparation delay, is comfortably below process requirements whether it is used for reaction control and QC. In fact provided the delay is adequate, process control and QC places a very strong requirements on full-time calibration and best accuracy.

The unique features of the OP5 equipment open up the huge opportunity of process control through rheology.

OP5 Head
Polymer plant workflow diagram
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