Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS – Extruder Segments

Nano compounds are often prepared in solid form using the traditional and available mixing and extrusion devices. Now you can optimise these sensitive processes.

Nanotechnology – typical applications:
• Improving mechanical properties
• Increasing the electrical conductivity
• Increasing thermal conductivity
• Biocide / antibacterial
• UV absorption

Dispersive and distributive mixing:
• For nearly all mixing application a well dispersed and well distributed mixture is required
• Distributive mixing can be achieved by splitting and reorienting the flow repeatedly
• Dispersive mixing can be achieved by passing the mixture through small regions of intense deformation
• Mixing and composites, M. Kontopoulous Chee18.2. p390 presentation Queens University.

Maximum flexibility is available with twin screw extruders for HAAKE PolyLab OS

A copy of this PowerPoint presentation is available on request by quoting Nano Composites 2007.