Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex Range

NESLAB ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers deliver a continuous cooling capacity up to 1400 watts. These units are reliable, easy-to-use chillers optimised for the most demanding applications.

These units are ideal for diverse applications within the following markets:
• Laser
• Packaging
• University
• Research
• Analytical instrumentation
• Medical equipment

High Reliability
You can expect years of operation from the NESLAB ThermoFlex 900 and 1400 recirculating chiller. The unit features a robust refrigeration system designed for continuous use in a variety of environments. The recirculation system incorporates highly reliable plumbing connections to eliminate leaks. Integrated air and fluid filters minimise wear to mechanical parts, which lowers lifetime maintenance costs and improves system reliability.

Specifications obtained at sea level using water as the recirculating fluid, at a 20°C process set point, 25°C ambient condition, at nominal operating voltage. Other fluids, fluid temperatures, ambient temperatures, altitude or operating voltages will affect performance.

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