Sample Trimming Tool

Trimming tool to remove overfilling in a plate/plate-and cone/plate measuring geometry

In order to get reliable measuring data with a high reproducibility an optimised gap filling is necessary: using an underfilling the measured value for the viscosity is too low, whereas an overfilling results in a too high viscosity value.

The fringe effect depends on the diameter of the measuring geometry: the effect increases with decreasing diameter.

For samples with a medium and higher viscosity a special trimming tool is available as an optional accessory to remove the overfilling.

This tool is made out of stainless steel, robust and ergonomically designed to remove surplus material easily and without residue. For all plate/plate – and cone/plate – measuring geometries measuring plate covers are available with standard diameters of 8, 20, 35 and 60 mm.

These measuring plate covers are designed with a plateau, in which surplus material can be collected automatically.

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