Thermo Scientific SAHARA SS Heating Baths

A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular heated or refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement.

SAHARA heating bath circulators are ergonomically designed for ease of use and provide multiple certifications for exceptional safety. Available in capacities from 5L to 46L, thermostats are attached by a sturdy bath bridge and can be indexed 90° on all four sides of the bath.

The SAHARA open baths are available in the choice of either Transparent acrylic, Polyphenylene oxide (PPO) or Stainless steel.

Transparent acrylic baths
These baths are ideal for applications requiring good visibility. Temperatures are maintained from ambient plus 13°C to +60°C

Polyphenylene oxide (PPO)
An economical alternative to stainless steel, these modified polyphenylene oxide baths are thermally resistant up to +100°C and deliver exceptional temperature performance with operational savings. Temperatures are maintained from ambient plus 13°C to +100°C

Stainless Steel
Powerful heating circulators with a stainless steel reservoir can be configured with different temperature ranges and volumes with efficient heating for open and closed applications. The stainless steel baths are rugged and corrosion-resistant and suitable for high temperature application up to +200oC. Choose from space-saving vertical baths are ergonomically flat baths to fit your lab.