Thermo Scientific ARCTIC Refrigerated Circulators

A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement.

ARCTIC refrigerated circulators feature a stainless steel reservoir and are offered in a range of sizes, depths. With capacities from 5L to 30L, units offer recessed handles and drain port opening at the front. The advanced ventilation design allows two sides of the bath to be blocked (allowing placement in room corner) and still deliver full refrigeration performance without affecting the equipment.

Temperature range of the series is from -25°C to +150°C

The ARCTIC refrigerated circulators offer tight control of cooling capacities. Built-in energy-saving features limit power consumption for efficient operation, and the thermostat can be indexed 90° on all sides of the bath.