Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC

The new Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC modular torque rheometer was on display for the first time at the International Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair K 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The HAAKE PolyLab QC can easily be connected to new and existing interchangeable mixers, single-screw extruders, or conical twin-screw extruders.

Customers can choose between a table or floor model that best fits into their lab environment. The system is controlled by the HAAKE PolySoft software in the look and feel of Microsoft Office which speeds up the learning. A USB PC interface or optionally LAN are available for data collection and control by a host PC. Measuring data from older torque rheometers can be imported into the new system. Due to the fact that existing measuring mixers or extruders can still be used, you can correlate new and old measuring results. Automated software projects and pre-programmed test runs not only save time, but also increase reproducibility of measuring results. Devices like mixers or extruders are automatically recognized through the plug & play software concept. Individual limits of the measuring systems are identified by the software and set as alarm values. This will help to dramatically simplify trials and increase precision and standardization of measurements in QC.

QC staff now can characterise a sample’s properties by gas flow, electric conductivity or capillary viscosity measurements.