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The On-line FT-Infrared Spectrometry APLAIRS® from Optical Control Systems is used for the measurement of additives, physical properties, co-polymer and multi-layer compositions by only one spectroscopic technique.

• Simultaneous measurement of thickness and degree of polymerisation
• High speed measurement allows real time monitoring
• Closed loop control

Replacing Your QC-methods with Only One Technique
APLAIRS® (Analysis of Plastics by Infrared Spectrometry) is a new quality control concept in the modern polymer industry. With this concept, conventional quality control methods can be replaced with only one spectroscopic technique. Additives, physical properties, co-polymer and multi-layer composition, thickness as well as degree of polymerisation can be measured simultaneously. The speed of measurement allows real-time monitoring and therefore enables closed-loop control.

Measuring Principle
A continuous flow of cast or blown film with a maximum width of 150 mm runs through a special construction of the APLAIRS® system, which is equipped with an FTIR spectrometer and a specially designed software.

APLAIRS® focuses on film measurements, although infrared spectroscopy can also be applied to melt samples.

Measuring in the film has more advantages than measuring in the melt
Films are closer to the end product and for that reason a direct link is made with standard QC Analysis Physical properties not only depend on chemical components but also on the morphology of the resin. The morphology and chemical information concealed in the spectra can be abstracted by APLAIRS® and linked with physical test data. Thickness of films can exactly be accurately determined. In addition, it is possible to determine the composition and thickness of different layers in co-laminates. Other analytical techniques can be far easier linked to a film line, making the assembled configuration inexpensive.

The software utilised by APLAIRS® has many facilities. The calibration facility is used to link spectral data with QC-lab data. The links which refer to the calibration models are tailor designed according to customer request. The calibration models are used to predict the QC-data from the spectrum of the moving film.

The predicted QC-data is displayed in real-time on the monitor and can be represented in flow charts. The flow chart enables the operator to follow the process precisely

In addition, the predicted data can be sent to the process computer to achieve a fully automatic closed-loop control

Typical Applications
APLAIRS® can be applied to a whole range of polymers, co-polymers and blends: PS, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PMMA, NYLON, PC, EVA, ABS, PB, PET, EPDM, PE/PP, PC/ABS, PPO/PS/NYLON, PET/PE etc.

To determine the chemical composition in the resins, varying from functional group analysis to co-polymer composition anti-oxidants, UV absorbers, slip agents, stabilisers, fillers, extenders, impact modifiers, speciality modifiers, processing aids, flame retardants and any other additives.

The extruded film thickness, and the thickness of separate films in multi-layered structures

Physical properties like density, melt flow index, splittyness etc.

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