Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

OCS Pellet Scanning

The Pellet Scanning System PS400C inspection system from Optical Control Systems, is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets. Material throughput up to 400kg/h.

The pellets are inspected with multiple high-resolution 3-CCD-chip ine colour cameras for impurities, foreign bodies, or colour deviations. The pellets are inspected in the free fall (further description as the PS200C).

An additional feature for the PS400C is the determination of the mixing ratio of different coloured pellets, which is an essential feature for compounder & masterbatch manufacturer

Typical Applications
• Opaque pellets
• Coloured pellets
• Transparent pellets

• Contamination detection
• Contamination sorting (optional)
• Concentration measuring of mixed product

• Expandable modular concept
• Material dosage by vibration feeder
• Material acceleration by belt
• Scanning in free fall
• Colour line scan camera (scanning front side of pellet stream)
• Optional second colour line scan camera scanning back side of pellet stream) for non-transparent pellets
• Throughput up to 400 kg/h (per base unit)
• Resolution 100 μm (others on request)
• Scan width 180 mm
• Optional sorter with 18 lanes
• Scalable (1 Server, up to 5 PS400C-Clients)
• Especially designed for highly transparent pellets

Alternate Models
High Speed Pellet Scanner – PS200C (up to 250kg)

Additional Product Information:

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