Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Pellet Scanning System PS200C

The Pellet Scanning System PS200C inspection system from Optical Control systems,is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets Рmaterial throughput up to 250kg/h.

The pellets are inspected with a high-resolution 3-chip CCD colour camera for impurities, foreign bodies, or colour deviations also.

The testing material is fed into the appliance through a hopper. Feeding can be automated by means of an online hopper. The pellets are conveyed separately over the inspection zone. After the optical evaluation the contaminated pellets can be separated into a different container (sorting unit option).

Measuring errors are eliminated by use of numerous additional optical components. There is no colour dependency as with many other optoelectronic appliances.

A high level of efficiency is achieved by powerful image processing software. The synchronisation of the transport system with the image processing offers a major contribution to the reproducibility of the measurement results.

Installation in the bypass guarantees production monitoring and rapid reaction to any occurrences. The system provides a variety of individual configurations, which guarantee an improved adaptation to specific requirements.

The measurement data are stored in a test report to enable future analysis. The recorded images and measured data can be observed on a screen during the measuring process. The results can be shown and printed in tables or graphs.

Along with a pure inspection of pellets the system can also be used to record , file and document. Each defined deviation is recorded in the measurement protocol via a multidimensional characteristics vector with an error map.

The system can be adapted exactly to the respective requirements with the help of the extensive software packages.

Alternate Models
High Speed Pellet Scanner PS400C (up to 400kg)

Modular Architecture
Easy to extend, simple, adaptation and upgrade

Menu-controlled windows interface and easy customisation

Optimum Lighting Technology
Use of special lighting technology, therefore independent of the material

Real-time Colour Image Analysis
Fast evaluation and representation of the measurement results in various forms.
Table with size classifications, time evolution, mosaic view, histogram, distribution.

Inspection Synchronisation
Transport unit, inspection unit and sorting unit (optional) are coordinated exactly to one another

Sorting device
Sorting and separate collection of contaminated pellets

Tabular display according to size, shape and colour

Mosaic Display
Continuous display of the defected deviations as real images

Feature Graphics
Graph of the distribution over sizes, shapes and colours

Time Characteristics
Graph of the distribution of the characteristics according to time evolution

Process Synchronisation
Coupling the inspection system with external appliances, e.g. MODBUS

Interfaces for External Appliances
Alarm interface and digital scales

Open Database
The recorded data can be converted into all standard file formats.


Mosaic Screen Dump


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