Marimex ViscoScope Sensor

The Marimex range of ViscoScope process viscometers measures the viscosity of liquids or semi-solids continually and precisely in-line.

The ViscoScope offers the process engineer the ability to continuously monitor the process as it impacts on the material viscosity, and they can be used in conjunction with most PLC control systems and can be easily mounted in either a tank or in a pipe. They measure a single point viscosity (i.e. the viscosity at a single shear rate, of approximately 4s-1), which will deviate according to the flow properties of the material in the vessel or pipe. User defined temperature and viscosity QC criteria can be input so that out-of-spec materials are quickly detected.

The Marimex range of ViscoScope systems provides maintenance free viscosity measurement for in-line applications within the mining industry.

Features include:
• Smooth rugged sensor
• Virtually no moving parts
• High precision, no operator required
• Factory calibrated with NIST traceable oils – in house calibration not required
• Flexible mounting – works in any direction
• High temperature capability to 450°C
• High pressure capability to 5,000 Psig/350 bar
• Flow rate fluctuations do not have any influence on accuracy of data
• LAN diagnostic systems control

ViscoScope viscometers manufactured by Marimex Industries (Germany) are available for process applications up to 450ºC and 350 bar. The sensor has torsional oscillation rotation and is constructed without any moving parts avoiding any cross contamination with the material being measured.

The sensor can be mounted in any orientation in reactors, vessels and pipes for measuring in batch and continuous processes.

All measurements are precise, reliable and reproducible making the ViscoScope ideal for all applications within the mining industry.