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Article Name Author Code
Interactive Dictionary for Mineral Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Rheology Solutions Kit for Minerals Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Performance of Peltier II System for Series 1 Rheometer W.Marquardt HA008
Standard Liquids for the Calibration of Viscometers W.Marquardt HA013
Special Motor Technology Allows New and Improved Rheological Test Methods W.Marquardt HA015
Calibration of Rotational Rheometers W.Marquardt HA018
Monitoring of Flow Properties of a Concentrated Titanium Dioxide Suspension and Microscopic Observation of Shear Induced Structures F.Bar, D.Dupuis, A.Ponche HA020
HAAKE Series 1 – “Lift” Control Options W.Marquardt HA022
Conductivity under Shear Flow Thermo Electron HA028
Rheology of Lubricating Greases C.Gallegos, J.M.Franco, R.Steinbruggen HL-036E
Proceedings of the China – Japan International Congress on Rheology Peking University Press. Beijing China HL-037
The Measurement of the Complex Rheological Properties of Electro-Viscous Fluids G.Shramm HL-101
HAAKE introduces new Rheometers for ER Fluids Thermo HAAKE Group HL-104
Establishing the Test Weight for Mixer Tests LR-01e
Test Parameters for Mixer Tests LR-02e
Helpful Data for Tests with Extruder Sensors A.Frendel LR-04e
Energy Calculation In Mixers – Torque and Specific Mechanical Energy LR-07e
Optimising Mixer Tests with the Help of the Worksheet Technique LR-32e
Mini-Lab Compounder and Reactor LR-43
Measurement of Ceramic Slurry for Porcelain, Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Industries Marimex MX002
Practical Determination of the Pasty Sewage Sludge Flow Curve on the Basis of the Main Interactions Characterisation J.Baudez RF-010802-FR-01
A New Approach to Rheological Modelling of an Electrostatic Ash and Water Mixture – Quadratic Law P.Ternik RF-030902-SI-01
Dynamic Master Curves of Polymer Modified Asphalt from Three Different Geometries G.Polacco, O.J.Vacin, D.Biondi, J.Stastna, L.Zanzotto RF-180902-IT-01
Rheological Properties of Bitumen Modified with Polyethylene and Polyethylene Based Blends O.Gonzalez Uranga RF-190902-ES-01
Continuous On-Line Rheometry for Industrial Slurries T.J.Akroyd, Q.D.Nguyen RF-200902-AU-01
Rheological Characterisation of C-S-H RF-210802-DE-01
A Novel Rheometer for Refractory Castables R.G.Pileggi, A.E.Paiva, J.Gallo, V.C.Pandolfelli RF-290802-BR-01
Wet-Shotcrete of Refractory Castables R.G.Pileggi, Y.A.Vasques Filho, A.R.Studart, V.C.Pandolfelli RF-290802-BR-02
The Rheological Properties of a Cooper Concentrate Slurry : From Surface Chemistry to Pipeline Transport L.Huynh, P.Jenkins, J.Ralston RF-300702-AU-01
No, It Doesn’t Flow R.H.Brill Rheo006
Laboratory Evaluation of In-Situ Gelled Acids for Carbonate Reservoirs K.C. Taylor, H.A.Nasr-El-Din, Saudi Aramco Rheo007TP
The Role of Solution Chemistry in the Stability and Detachment of Cohesive Kaolinite Particles V.Ravisangar, B.M.Brouckaert, A.Amirtharajah, T.W.Sturm Rheo010TP
Brief Report on the Rheological Considerations for Applications with Brown Coal T.Kealy Rheo012TP
Slurry Rheology and Pipeline Transport Properties, An Overview T.Kealy Rheo013TP
Overview of Rheology based Process Challenges for the Mineral Processing Industries T.Kealy Rheo014TP
Current Possibilities for Extrusion and Mixing – Introduction to the Current Technologies for Measurement and Control Process Parameters T.Kealy Rheo026
Rheoscope 1 The Correlation Between Flow and Structure P.Reinheimer, D.Eidam, A.Colin, M.Lescanne Rheo036
Rheoscope and Polarized Light Microscopy P.Reinheimer Rheo037
FAQ’s to RheoScope Thermo HAAKE Rheo038
Clay Dispersion: Physical Chemistry and Applications SCI Colloid & Surface Chemistry Group Rheo040
Caber® Tests on Yield Stress Fluids Cambridge Polymer Group Rheo044
Solving Rheological Application Problems with the Caber 1 Extensional Rheometer J.Nijman, G.Moench, G.Braithwaite, G.Neal Rheo046
New Technologies for the Investigation of Low-viscous Structural Fluids S.Kim Rheo047
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Yield Stress T.Kealy Rheo325
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Flow & Viscosity T.Kealy Rheo327
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Thixotropy T.Kealy Rheo329
The Influence of Alkali Sulphates on the Fluidity if Cement Pastes Containing Superplasticizer H.Kucerova, C.Robler SCHL-001
Measuring Uncertainties at the VT550 Kutschmann V140
Understanding the Temperature-Time-Relationship for Thermosetting Systems C.Gonzalez V167E
Yield Point Measurements with Modern CS Rheometer Liehr V173E
Intelligent Software in Rheometry with Snapshot Technology W.Marquardt V188
Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) & the Measurement of Bitumen with the HAAKE RW1 & RV1 Dr Christ V190E
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Reproducibility Newtonian Test Fluids E6000 and E40000 Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V215
Test Liquids Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V218
Measurements on Selected (Semi-Solids) in a Wide Temperature Range using New Solids Clamp K.Oldorp, J.Nijman, C.Kuchenmeister V220
Solvent Trap & Double Cone System for Reproducible Results in Rheological Measurements of Low Viscous Volatile Fluids A.Fischer V229
Improved Torque Sensitivity and Normal Force Resolution for Routine Measurements A.Fischer V231
Preparation of a Pressure Cell for Sensitive Measurements K.Oldorp, U.Schultz V233
Rheological Investigation of Starch Swelling, Gelatinisation & Retrogradation using a Rheometer with Starch Pasting Cell D. Eidam, V. Räntzsch, F. Soergel V255