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Article Name Author Code
Interactive Dictionary for Surface Coatings Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Rheology Solutions Kit for Surface Coatings Industries Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd
Temperature Control for computer to Plate Technology S.Pratt AN-SP-10-4 1.0.0
Application Package: Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 – “Paints & inks” C.Kuchenmeister, K.Oldorp D-001
Performance of Peltier II System for Series 1 Rheometer W.Marquardt HA008
Standard Liquids for the Calibration of Viscometers W.Marquardt HA013
Special Motor Technology Allows New and Improved Rheological Test Methods W.Marquardt HA015
Calibration of Rotational Rheometers W.Marquardt HA018
Rheology of Dispersion W.Marquardt HA016
UV Curing Characterisation by Rheological Techniques M.Toalson, T.Richards HA021
HAAKE Series 1 – “Lift” Control Options W.Marquardt HA022
Conductivity under Shear Flow Thermo Electron HA028
Measuring Coatings F.Soefgel HA030
A Practical Approach to Scale-Up from Bench Top Twin Screw Extruders A.Swanborough HA031
New Measuring Cell for UV Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temperatures HA047
Rheology of Lubricating Greases C.Gallegos, J.M.Franco, R.Steinbruggen HL-036
Proceedings of the China – Japan International Congress on Rheology Peking University Press. Beijing China HL-037
The Measurement of the Complex Rheological Properties of Electro-Viscous Fluids G.Shramm HL-101
HAAKE introduces new Rheometers for ER Fluids Thermo HAAKE Group HL-104
Establishing the Test Weight for Mixer Tests LR-01e
Test Parameters for Mixer Tests LR-02e
Helpful Data for Tests with Extruder Sensors A.Frendel LR-04e
Energy Calculation In Mixers – Torque and Specific Mechanical Energy LR-07e
The Curing Behaviour of Reaction Resin Compounds LR-12
Optimising Mixer Tests with the Help of the Worksheet Technique LR-32e
Determination of the Reactivity of Coating Powders with the HAAKE Comixer and the Software Polyview LR-34e
Mini-Lab Compounder and Reactor LR-43
Filter Pressure Valve Test (FPV test) – A New Standard to Examine Master Batches, White and Carbon Black Colourants B.Jakob LR-49
Use of Bench Top Twin Screw Extruders for Development of Powder Coatings A.Swanborough LR-50
Recent Developments in Bench Top Twin Screw Compounders A.Swanborough LR-51
Residence Time Measurements in Bench Top Twin Screw Extuders A.Swanborough LR-55
Q: Does a Larger Fluid Reservoir Give Me More Cooling Capacity and Improved Temperature Stability? PFTSmartNote01
Q: I Plan On Using My Bath Circulator For External Circulation Only. Should I Get a Large Reservoir That Can Absorb The Heat For More Stability? PFTSmartNote02
Q: I Want To Use a Bath To Immerse My Vessels. How Do I Select The Right Size Bath For My Application? PFTSmartNote03
Q: How Do I Achieve the Best (Fastest) Time-to-Temperature from a Heated Bath Circulator? PFTSmartNote04
Q: I Need a Specific, Controlled Rate of Heating (i.e. Temperature Ramp). How Do I Ensure That My Heated Bath Circulator Will Be Able to Control to That Temperature Rate? PFTSmartNote05
Q: What Steps Can I Take to Ensure That My Heated Bath Circulator Can Actually Bring My Application to Setpoint Temperature ? PFTSmartNote06
Rapid Evaluation of Pigment Dispersion Using a Bench Top Twin Screw Compounder A.Swanborough PRISM001
Recent Developments in Bench Top Twin Screw Compounders A Swanborough PRISM002
A Numerical Study of Temperature and Shear Flow in a Transiently Loaded Lubricant Film B.O.Ahrstrom, R.Larsson RF-180902-SE-01
Rheological Behaviour of Automotive Paint Systems – Modern Characterisation Methods Show Good Correlations to Observable Effects M.Osterhold Rheo008TP
Overview of Rheology Based Process Challenges for the Surface Coating Industry T.Kealy Rheo018TP
Current Possibilities for Extrusion and Mixing – Introduction to the Current Technologies for Measurement and Control Process Parameters T.Kealy Rheo026
Nano3 (Nano Cubic) Technology Achieves a Tenfold or Greater Increase In Recording Density Fuji Film Rheo035
Rheoscope 1 The Correlation Between Flow and Structure P.Reinheimer, D.Eidam, A.Colin, M.Lescanne Rheo036
Rheoscope and Polarized Light Microscopy P.Reinheimer Rheo037
FAQ’s to RheoScope Thermo HAAKE Rheo038
Technical Paper – Flow and Levelling Agents for Water-Borne Coating Systems G.Hobisch Rheo039
Caber® Tests on Yield Stress Fluids Cambridge Polymer Group Rheo044
Solving Rheological Application Problems with the Caber 1 Extensional Rheometer J.Nijman, G.Moench, G.Braithwaite, G.Neal Rheo046
New Technologies for the Investigation of Low-viscous Structural Fluids S.Kim Rheo047
Rheological Measurements in the Coatings Industries – The Last 60 Years T.Kealy Rheo050
Material Testing for Surface Coating Industries T.Kealy Rheo142
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Flow and Leveling T.Kealy Rheo277
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Misting T.Kealy Rheo278
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Shelf Life T.Kealy Rheo279
Tim’s Top Tips – Explanation and Evaluation of Mixing and Blending T.Kealy Rheo280
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Flow & Viscosity T.Kealy Rheo370
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Yield Stress T.Kealy Rheo372
Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Thixotropy T.Kealy Rheo374
Optimising the Selection Of a Re-Circulating Chiller S.Pratt TNTCCHILLER1210
Measuring Uncertainties at the VT550 Kutschmann V140
Rheological Analysis of Powder Coatings Kutschmann V157E
Understanding the Temperature-Time-Relationship for Thermosetting Systems C.Gonzalez V167E
Yield Point Measurements with Modern CS Rheometer Liehr V173E
Intelligent Software in Rheometry with Snapshot Technology W.Marquardt V188
The Influence of Thickeners on the Application Method of Automotive Coatings and Paper Coatings – Rheological Investigations with the HAAKE CaBER1 N.Willenbacher, A.Ewers, J.Nijmen V206
Correlation of Misting During Printing with Extensional Rheological Investigations on Offset Printing Inks with the HAAKE CaBER 1 E.Pietsch V208
Optimising and Forecasting the Filling Behavior of Coatings with the HAAKE CaBER 1 D.Eidam, J.Nijman V211
HAAKE CaBER 1 – Reproducibility Newtonian Test Fluids E6000 and E40000 Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V215
Test Liquids Thermo Fisher Scientific Group V218
Cellusosic Derivatives in Capillary Break-Up – Influence of the MWD and Gel Particles J.P.Plog V219
Measurements on Selected (Semi-Solids) in a Wide Temperature Range using New Solids Clamp K.Oldorp, J.Nijman, C.Kuchenmeister V220
What Happen’s When Rheological Properties Change? Looking into Rheological Properties with Simultaneous Collection of Microscopic Images K.Oldorp V228
Solvent Trap & Double Cone System for Reproducible Results in Rheological Measurements of Low Viscous Volatile Fluids A.Fischer V229
Rheological Methods for Determining Molecular Weight & Molecular Weight Distribution A.Fischer V230
Improved Torque Sensitivity and Normal Force Resolution for Routine Measurements A.Fischer V231
Preparation of a Pressure Cell for Sensitive Measurements K.Oldorp, U.Schultz V233
Improvement of the Pharmaceutical Process by Rotational Rheological Characterisation T.Cech, F.Soergel V234
Investigation the Processing Properties if Instant Release Film-Coating Polymers in Aqueous Solutions by Means of Extensional Rheology T.Agnese, T.Cech, W.Dejan, N.W.Rottmann, F.Soergel V235
Curing of an Acrylate Glue – Rheology with Simultaneous FTIR-Spectroscopy K.Oldorp V254
Monitoring Emulsions Morphology Under Shear via Simultaneous Rheometry and In-situ FT-IR Spectroscopy K.Sugimoto, F.Soergel, M.Feustel V257
UV-induced Curing Reactions Investigated by Simultaneous Rheometry and FT-IR Measurements J.Plog V258
Tracking UV Curing Fast Reactions in a Rheometer Using the Fast Oscillation Mode K.Oldorp V263
Characterising Powder Coatings in Oscillation J.Plog, F.Soergel V266
Investigating the Thixotropic and Shear Recovery Behaviour of Paints and Coatings using the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester IQ F.Meyer V274