Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolySoft Mixer Software

The Windows-based “PolySoft” software for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS is the user interface comprising of several modules based on the monitor software.

This time-saving software is included in the standard version of the RheoDrive.

The monitor software allows access to all control functions and measured data in the “Run Mode”. It also defines the setup of the measuring systems if not automatically recognised.

This manual operation is used to find optimum process parameters (speed, temperature) for new and unknown materials. If the response of the test material is under stood, a test procedure can be programmed to run measurements automatically using the mixer or capillary software with integrated data evaluation. Different user level settings can be defined to set up tests or only to run measurements.


Job stream function for automatic tests and data evaluation as a time saver
Customer-defined user levels to secure data integrity
Data dump to MS Excel to further process data
Visualization of installed system and actual test runs
“Hot plugging” of measuring systems to enhance flexibility
Remote supervision of a test run with an internet browser