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Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS – Sample Sizer

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Sample Sizer module for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS System enables the user to set up a highly flexible compounding experimental setup.

Polymer mixture, additive amounts and any extrusion parameters can be changed without stopping the experiment.

The Sample Sizer, powered by IDE Extrusion, delivers continuously well defined polymer profiles that are precisely assigned to certain process conditions.

These specimens can be used for further chemical, mechanical or optical testing.

Precise control
The polymer melt volume flow is dependent on typical extrusion parameters like feeding rate and extruder speed that can be controlled easily with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS extruder software. The user can access 10 programs for the definition of individual process conditions, e.g. length and number of profiles. All process and production parameters are shown on a LCD display. The haul-off speed and profile production parameters can be adjusted with a separate unit from Bernhard Ide GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern/Germany – the ME-Control 10/2 unit.

Flexible operation
The Sample Sizer module is designed to allow easy access and quick material change. Both the extrusion die and calibration unit exhibit horizontally split barrels. Quick release clamps give easy access to channels and process contact surfaces for cleaning or configuration changes such as product changeover.

Measurements according to approved standards
Depending on the haul-off speed and the cutting frequency, the lengths of the Sample Sizer profiles can be adjusted individually. The maximum profile size of the test specimen is 40 x 15 mm (W x H) and the maximum diameter for tubes 30 mm.


Integrated solution: shaping – calibration – conveying – cutting
Fast automated sample generation
Quick material change
Easy & safe to use


Compounding (PVC, Polyolefines and others)
Sample preparation
Screening tests for additives and mixtures
Physical and chemical testings


These profiles can be used and adjusted for typical material tests, e.g.

Tensile tests ISO 527
Impact resistance ISO 179 etc.
Bending test ISO 178
Four-point bending test ISO 53457
Heat resistance ISO 75-2
Gloss assessment DIN 67530


Plug & play module for Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS extruder systems
Polymer test specimen production
Exchangeable vacuum calibration device with water cooling
Clamp-shell die design
Adjustable take-off speed
Programmable sample lengths
Integrated cutter


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