Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue

Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue

Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Solution from Thermo Scientific provides innovative, continuous, and worry-free sample protection.

The Smart-Vue* wireless monitoring solution safeguards the integrity of precious samples by continuously monitoring critical parameters of laboratory equipment and securely logging data to give you peace of mind. This wireless solution features audit trail traceability to assist with conformance to 21 CFR part 11, and other regulatory requirements.

Smart: Continuous, real-time monitoring of critical parameters
Immediate notification by audible/visual siren, fax, telephone, email or text messaging
Easy-to-read display of monitored set points directly on module
Monitor critical parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and differential pressure


Scalable: Flexibility to grow with your expanding laboratory needs
Easily add new equipment to the existing system
Compatible with multiple brands and types of laboratory equipment


Simple: Easy to install, use and maintain
Relocate equipment, maintaining network configurations without the need to rewire
Accessible via the Internet – anytime, anywhere


Ideal for use in:
Highly controlled environments including pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, IVF clinics, clinical studies and diagnostic laboratories.


Temperature Range  -200 to 350 C
Applications – Temperature, CO2 Concentration, Relative Humidity, Differential Pressure
Compatibility – Laboratory Refrigerators, Ultra-low Temperature Freezers
Regulatory Status – 21 CFR part 11

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