Schleibinger Viskomat XL Rheometer

The Schleibinger Viskomat XL, Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 6 mm grain size

Based on 20 years experience with rheometers for mortar and fresh concrete, Schleibinger has developed a new instrument called the Viskomat XL. It fills the gap between the Viskomat NT for mortar and paste with a specimen volume of 360 ml and the concrete rheometer BT2 with a sample volume of 20l. The operating principle of the Viskomat XL is nearly the same as for the Viskomat NT. A mixer formed probe measures the torque, while the specimen vessel rotates. An additional scraper cleans the wall of the vessel.

Dynamic speed range
The speed may be varied from 0.001 to 220 rpm in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. You may define the speed in several steps, in a linear increase or decrease of speed. As an option an oscillating or a logarithmic mode is available.

High Torque Range
The Viskomat XL has a torque range from 0..300 Ncm with a resolution of 0.05 Ncm and accuracy better than 0.2 Ncm. Optionally the rheometer can be supplied with a sensor taking the torque range up to 1000 Ncm and accuracy to 0.8 Ncm.

Temperature control
Temperature control is achieved with a double wall specimen container, where a cooling liquid circulates around the outside. The specimen temperature is measured with a RTD mounted inside the shaft of the probe.

High Time Resolution
The sampling rate may be set from 0.005s .. 10min.

Shear Stress Control Mode
As an option, you may run the Viskomat XL in shear stress controlled mode. The torque is pre-set over time, and the speed is automatically controlled to achieve the predefined torque.

The Viskomat XL is controlled via a network interface. Simply connect the rheometer to your PC and start Internet Explorer for full control and data transfer. No special software installation is necessary.