Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoScope Module

Rheology Solutions has purchased the newest HAAKE MARS III Rheometer to be housed in our applications laboratory in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

The new HAAKE MARS III Rheometer will extend our capabilities in product testing and system demonstration.

The HAAKE MARS III is a high-end, modular, controlled stress rheometer. Rheology Solutions have also invested in the High Temperature (60ºC – 400ºC) and RheoScope modules extending the HAAKE MARS III’s capabilities even further. Our laboratory includes a broad range of concentric cylinder, cone/plate and plate/plate sensor systems which allow us to test very highand very low-viscosity liquids, suspensions, emulsions and solutions, also a vapour trap to minimise losses at elevated temperatures or where solvents etc. are involved.

The High Temperature module will allow controlled temperature (constant or ramped) testing of materials from food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics through to polymer melts, and anything in-between.

The RheoScope module combines the advantages of a microscope and a rheometer, allowing us to capture short movies or individual images of the test material in the measurement gap, as well as individual images. Each image is coupled with a data-point, to allow the user to relate rheological information to an image of the material under the specific flow conditions in the measurement gap at that instant. This allows rheological phenomena to be more readily explained, in particular unusual or transitional/transient behaviour. The RheoScope module has high temperature capability, allowing testing up to 300ºC.

Expanded capabilities – polymer Industries
Our contract testing customers in the polymer industry, can now expect polymer melt testing and visualisation up to 300ºC (with the RheoScope module), and standard melt testing up to 400ºC (with the High Temperature module).

Expanded capabilities – food, pharmaceutical, coatings & mining
For food, pharmaceutical, coatings and mining customers, we now have the capability of testing and diagnosing flow stratification, rheodestruction etc. at high shear rates, especially in cases where a micron-scale structure is present, which can be observed using the RheoScope module. In a similar way, structural build-up (e.g. flocculation, aggregation, cross-linking) at low and moderate shear can be monitored and investigated rheologically and microscopically (in the micron size range).

Instruments & equipment in the applications laboratory
The Rheology Solutions applications laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment and instruments to meet the requirements of material characterisation. This combination of instruments and equipment allows the testing and definition of the material properties of most solids and liquids. In this way Rheology Solutions can provide unparalleled expertise and customer advice for sensible instrument and sensor selection as well as consultation and test procedure development.