Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Film Thickness Measurement TM9

The on-line Thickness Measuring System TM9 from Optical Control Systems, was designed for the continuous thickness measurement of running strips of film.

The measuring system uses an eddy current sensor. The film runs between two free running measuring wheels, on of which is stationary. The position of the other and also the force it exerts on the film is adjustable using a spring and an electromagnet. This wheel is connected to the sensor which allows a direct measurement of the distance between the wheels and therefore the film thickness.

The thickness is displayed in µm. A certain amount of measurements occurs each second and the result is averaged over a certain length of film. Both the amount and the length can be adjusted. The electronics for evaluation and the regulation of the wheel force and the LED display are located in a separate housing.

On-line Thickness Measuring System TM-9 used for continuous measurement of the thickness of running strips of film for laboratory and production line use.

The TM-9 was constructed to accompany the production of film strips.

It can be optimally used with:
Measuring Extruder ME 20/26
Chill Roll and Winder unit CR9/WU9 (which additionally has integrated infrared spectroscopy)



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