Thermo Scientific HAAKE Exchangble Geometries

Cone/plate – exchangeable measuring geometries for maximum flexibility

For the temperature control chamber (CTC) a new design for cone/plate- measuring geometries have been developed, in order to fulfill individual customer requirements without restrictions.

The exchangeable measuring geometry consists of an upper and a lower holder with integrated temperature sensor. Both holders are equipped with an adapter for a plate or a cone.

Plates and cones made of stainless steel with different diameters (8, 20, 25 and 35 mm) and cone angles are available. The lower plate is designed to collect surplus material.

Geometries made of aluminum with diameters 20 and 25 mm are available as reusable plates. For this kind of geometry a collection device is recommended, in order to protect the temperature chamber against fouling.

Thanks to the modular design individual requirements for material (e.g. Titanium, Hastelloy), special surfaces (e.g. profiles) and diameters can easily be realized. They are available on request.

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