OCS Peller Scan System – PS200C

The PS200C inspection system from Optical Control Systems is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets.

The pellets are inspected with a high-resolution 3-Chip CCD colour camera for impurities, foreign bodies, or colour deviations as well. The testing material is fed into the appliance through a hopper. The pellets are conveyed separately over the inspection zone. After the optical evaluation the contaminated pellets can be separated into a different container (sorting unit option).

Measuring errors are eliminated by use of numerous additional optical components. There is no colour dependency as with many other optoelectronic appliances.

A high level of efficiency is achieved by powerful image processing software. The synchronisation of the transport system with the image processing offers a major contribution to the reproducibility of the measurement results.

Installation in the bypass guarantees production monitoring and rapid reaction to any occurrences. The system provides a variety of individual configurations, which guarantee an improved adaptation to specific requirements.

The measurement data are stored in a test report to enable future analysis. The recorded images and measured data can be observed on a screen during the measuring process. The results can be shown and printed in tables or graphs.

Along with a pure inspection of pellets the system can also be used to record, file and document. Each defined deviation is recorded in the measurement protocol via a multidimensional characteristics vector with an error map.

The system can be adapted exactly to the respective requirements with the help of the extensive software packages.