Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Calender & Tape Test Equipment

The Calendar & Tape Test Equipment from Optical Control Systems is suitable for continuous detection of contamination in tape with high resolutions optical inspection systems, eg. The cable industry.

Measuring Extruder ME 20/26
Film surface Analyser
Pelletising System
Chill Rolls & Winder Unit CR9/WU9

The Calendar & Tape Test Equipment from OCS is used for the production of tape for optical quality control in laboratories and online production monitoring. The entire testing system consists of the Measuring Extruder ME 20/26, the Mini Calender, the Film Inspection System, a marking unit and a cutting / sorting device.

The Calendar & Tape Test Equipment is equipped with three tempered cooling rollers, the distances of which can be varied. This enables manufacturing of various tape thicknesses. After extrusion the tape is 100% inspected by means of the film inspection system and examined for inhomogeneities such as fisheyes, gels, fibre, black specks etc. with a size of 5 µm and more.

The defects are thereby recorded and measured according to size, shape, volume, type etc. The defects are individually stored on hard disc for later and more detailed analyses and evaluations. For this purpose a variety of statistical evaluations and calculations are available. The live picture during measurement also provides a large number of information, because here defects on the film are marked and indicated.

The marking device is controlled by the inspection system and prints a label onto the film directly where the defect is located. The label displays detailed data about the defect.

The cutting device is installed after the marking unit. The cutting device cuts the tape into small sections. The sorting unit is arranged after the cutting device. Here the defect-free tape sections are sorted into one container and film sections with a label or a defect into another one.

Sorting the tape sections into different containers enables immediate recording of foil sections with defects. The film sections can then be examined, e.g. under a X-ray microscope, for the exact defect source in the production process.

The Calendar & Tape Test Equipment meets highest demands in quality control during polymer manufacturing or processing.

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