Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniLab II

The MiniLab Micro Rheology Compounder enables compounding and rheological measurement with a micro amount of material i.e. about 8 g of polymer.

The Micro Compounder is based on the proven twin-screw technology with the advantages of a short and very defined dwell time. Scales down to micro-size, this high-tech tool is perfect for material science and development.

The MiniLab will perform the following tests and provides many handling features:
• Viscosity measurement implemented in the backflow channel
• Automatic bypass operation for circulation / extrusion
• Inert gas flush of the feeding area and barrel at the push of a button
• Pneumatic feeding
• Digital and graphical display on a large scale back-lit LCD display
• Manual or computer control

These features are of interest in R&D applications for new polymer development, testing of expensive additives and material studies at universities and other institutions.

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