Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS & Rheonaut

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III has a number of application solutions within its suite of models and now this has been expanded to include simultaneous rheological and FT-IR spectra measurements.

Discover simultaneous rheometry and FT-IR spectroscopy with the unique HAAKE MARS III – Rheonaut technology.

The module offers:
• Simultaneous rheology and FT-IR spectroscopy
• Rheonaut as compact module for HAAKE MARS III rheometer
• ATR (attenuated total reflection) principle
• Analysis of structural changes under shear / deformation
• Extensive investigation of thermal / UV curing reactions

Specifications of the Rheonaut module Spectrometer
• compatible with several standard IR spectrometers (side port required)

Measuring principle
• ATR using single reflection crystal (diamond)
• DTGS (deuterated triglycine sulfate) detector

Data acquisition and storage
HAAKE RheoWin software with integrated control of the FT-IR spectrometer (for selected spectrometer models), automatic synchronisation of rheological data and FT-IR spectrum data.

Temperature range
Standard version – 0°C – +120°C (Peltier temperature control unit)
High temperature option – ambient – +400°C (electrical temperature control unit)

Measuring geometries
Plates and cones with diameters up to 60 mm

The HAAKE MARS III offers:
• Reliable and accurate rheological measurements
• Modular rheometer solutions to suit individual application requirements in different industries 00W through to 10,000W cooling capacities.