Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS & RheoScope Module

The HAAKE MARS is a modular high temperature/high pressure R&D rheometer that was designed for flexibility with an architecture that permits customer modules to be integrated into the system.

A RheoScope Module was developed for the HAAKE MARS system that combines high resolution microscopy and advanced rheometery technology. With this module the connection between a sample’s microscopic structures and rheological properties can be monitored simultaneously, and the rheological and optical data can be saved in the same file. Visible textures and structures in solutions, suspensions, thixotropy, emulsification, coalescence, aggregation, gelification, dissolution and flocculation. Together with the user-friendly HAAKE RheoWin 3 measuring and evaluation software, all functions of the microscope and camera can be controlled in addition to the rheometer.

The rheological and optical data can be monitored online during the measurement as well as saved and exported in different formats for further analysis.

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