Film Scanning System FSP600

During the establishment of various raw material inspection systems, OCS was confronted with the increasing interest of polymer processing companies, to ensure the same excellent product quality for their customers as well as their subcontractors.

At first, a challenge was posed to develop a detection system for contamination, degradation and other impurities in transparent, opaque and coloured films during the production process.

Web Inspection System FSP600

The FSP600 is used for 100% surface control of films for running speeds up to 1000m/min and resolutions from 25 ┬Ám and allows the detection of every defect-type that often appears in film production and is feared by manufacturers, because it reduces the film quality enormously. The fast defect analysis with its representation of the inspection results during the production process is essential and applicable in all fields of film production and converting. With the aid of precision cameras, in conjunction with high performance heavy duty industrial equipment and devices, even the smallest defects in polymer products can be detected, located and analysed in detail.