Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniLab CTW

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniCTW requires as little as five grams or seven milliliters (ml) of material for compounding, which is especially beneficial for industries that compound expensive or small-scale materials such as nanocomposites, bio-polymers or pharmaceuticals.

By using the optional force feeder, customers can continuously extrude very small material volumes.

Specifically designed for industrial research and development in the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Polymer Processing, Polymer Screening, Colourants, Specialty Inks/Toners, Building and Construction, Consumer Products, Pulp and Paper industries.

The instrument is based on proven, conical twin-screw technology with co- and counter-rotating screws, and it works as a standalone unit with data export. Due to the channel and a bypass valve, the residence time is well-defined.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniCTW is ideal for the precisely controlled reactive extrusion of high-viscous melts that is being done via an MS-Windows® based software that offers several test set-ups. By running the instrument in circulation mode, the required reaction time for the reactive mixture can be controlled easily. At the end of the test, the bypass valve can be opened and the sample is extruded as a strand. By measuring the torque of the drive motor, the reaction process can be monitored effectively. Test results are stored in the software.

A complementary workflow solution is available when coupling the microcompounder with the mini-injection moulder Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniJet II.

Various test specimens can be easily produced from the compounded material in the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniJet II and measured in the Thermo Scientific rheometers HAAKE MARS, or HAAKE RheoStress 6000 afterwards.


Motor power 400 W
Speed range 1 … 360 min-1
Max. torque 5 Nm per screw
Control mode Constant Speed
Constant Torque
Power supply 230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz

HAAKE Force Feeder

Max. Speed 30 min-1
Material Stainless steel 1.4122 Cr coated
Power supply 230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz

HAAKE Extruder

Design Conical co-/counter rotating
Temperature +300 °C
Heating time (+80°- +240°C) < 10 Minutes
Barrel & Screws High performance plastic mold steel (M340)
Cooling Forced Convection
Pressure up to 200 bar
Volume 7 ml
Bypass Manual valve
Feeding Manual feeding
Force feeder (optional)

Features and benefits

Requires only seven ml of material for compounding
Removable top barrel for easy and quick cleaning
New software for user friendly process monitoring
MS-Windows based
Storage of test set-up and results
Recorded data: torque, temperatures, speed
Complementary workflow solution when coupled with the HAAKE MiniJet mini injection moulder

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