Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS System – Feeder

Feeding devices allow the control of the flow of materials into the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Polylab OS extruder or Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS measuring mixer.

Single-, twin screw- and force feeders can be either manual or computer controlled.

Volumetric Feeders

 Material is held in a hopper and constantly fed into a process per unit of time.

Gravimetric Feeders

The feed rate may be inferred through a calibration process where a timed sample is taken and weighed, and screw speed adjusted accordingly.

Roto Tube Feeders

Micro feeder for granules and fine-grained media

Single Screw Feeders

Used to handle free-flowing materials such as pellets and powders.

Twin Screw Feeders

Used to handle more difficult materials such as pigments, sticky, bridging or flooding powders, fibers.


Funnel type hoppers for free flowing powders or pellets
Funnel type hoppers with compressed air driven vibrator avoid bridge formation in the hopper
Hopper with closure
Special funnel type hopper, volume 12 liters, with closure


Hydraulic feeder for sticky, pasty materials like ceramic pastes and silicon rubber
Metering feeder CANopen bus with insert d=20mm
Force feeder for materials which do not exhibit uniform flow.
Vibratory feeder

Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders

Twin screw feeders with exchangeable feeder screws
Volumetric micro twin screw feeder MT1 for powder 0.05 to 2.5 kg/h
Volumetric twin screw feeder DS20 for powder and pellets 0.3 to 30 kg/h
Gravimetric micro twin screw feeder MT1-P2 for powder 0.05 to 2.5 kg/h
Gravimetric twin screw feeder DS20-P3 for powder and pellets 0.3 to 30 kg/h

Roto Tube Feeders

Volumetric roto tube feeder RT 1.5 for pellets 0.03 to 1.5 kg/h
Gravimetric roto tube feeder RT 1.5-P1 for pellets 0.03 to 3,5 kg/h

Single screw feeder with exchangeable barrel

Gravimetric single screw feeder S20-P3 for pellets 1 to 50 kg/h