Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS System – Measuring Mixer

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS System includes a flexible range of measuring mixers to handle a range of different applications.

A typical mixer test is run at a defined speed (shear rate) versus time, and the materials response is recorded as torque. The mixing chamber is temperature-controlled precisely with independent heating and cooling zones, but due to the frictional heat in the mixing bowl, a change in the material’s melt temperature is observed and recorded as measuring signal. These measurements are used in the Quality Control and product inspection.

Different additives in type and concentration can be measured and quantified objectively through the melting behaviour or melt viscosity (torque).

Typical Investigations

Testing the melting and degradation behaviour of polymer melts
Quantifying viscosity when adding nano-particles or other additives
Testing the gelation- and plasticising behaviour of PVC dry-blends
Measuring the flow- and curing behaviour of thermosetting plastics
Characterising the influences of different additives such as carbon black, fillers, lubricants, accelerators
Recording the masticating and vulcanising behaviour of elastomers
Measuring the oil absorption of carbon black
Quantifying the absorption of DOP for PVC dry-blends

Typical Mixer configuration

Exchangeable rotors with different geometries (as standard)
3 piece measuring chamber for easy cleaning
Conical mixer bowl and rotors for thermostating plastics
Large measuring chamber up to 500g
Air cooled and/or liquid temperature control
Pneumatic or manual feeders
Gas volume sensor

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