Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS Bending/Breaking Tool

Rheological measurements are essential in optimising the production and properties of confectionery. The HAAKE Viscotester 550 is used to determine the flow behaviour and yield point of chocolate melts according to the guidelines of the expert commission of the Office International du Cacao, du Chocolat et de la Confiserie (OICCC), therefore influencing product characteristics such as melt and setting behaviour.

The HAAKE Viscotester 550 assists in the measurement of data and different parameters that influence the quality of the chocolate. When used in conjunction with the use of the HAAKE RheoWin software, you can graphically visualise the measured data.

An extensive range of accessories for the range of viscometers and rheometers are available to cover the unique aspects of a wide variety of applications. For example, a bending instrument is available for the rheometer line which can be used to place bars of chocolate and perform bending, breakage and penetration tests. With the RheoScope module for the HAAKE MARS Rheometer platform, structural examinations can be performed using optical microscopy at the same time as the rheological measurements. In this way, the melting behaviour of fat samples and crystal formation can be studied. A Universal holder makes it possible to take measurements in original containers, such as jars of chocolate sauce. This eliminates the time-consuming process of pouring out samples and cleaning cups, and also preserves the material structures.