Immersion Circulators
Immersion circulators offering a wide temeprature range to cool, heat, circulate and maintain a constant temperature.
Thermo Scientific Refrigerated & Heating Thermostats

Designed to be matched up with either a refrigerated or heating bath. Std, Advanced, Premium models.

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Immersion Coolers

Immersion coolers offer wide temperature ranges and integrated control that can be used for accessory cooling, or to replace consumables such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The easiest way to cool small samples and are a reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE EK Immersion Coolers

Suitable for individual cooling applications of smaller volumes down to -90°C.

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB CC Immersion Chillers

Ideal to meet the demanding application requirements with cooling down to -90°C.

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