Chill Roll & Winding Unit

Optical Control Systems (OCS) range of quality control products for the polymer industry.
OCS supplies customised and complete solutions in the fields of digital image processing, optical measurement and automation. The systems ensure maximum product quality control. With the aid of precision cameras in conjunction with high performance online image processing, the smallest defects in polymer products are detected, located and analysed in detail.

The applications for OCS systems range from laboratory use to complete integration into the production process.

The product range is extensive and covers the following areas:
Detection of gels and black specks in Pellets, Powder, Films (reflection / transmission mode) & Molten polymer
Extrusion systems
Chill-Rolls and winding units
FTIR Spectroscopy
Pellet size and shape distribution
On-Line haze measurement
• Fluorescent detection
Colour measurement
• Physical properties

ALFA Film Test System The ALFA System with extruder includes:

Chill Rolls & Winding Unit CR-9
• Continuous production of cast film in combination with an extruder
• Incorporates and FTIR for on line infrared spectroscopy Option to add Film Quality Testing Systems for measuring the quantity, size, and shapes of film defects using a video
• Produces a uniform and accurate control for cooling or heating the cast film

High Speed Film Scanning System FS-5
• High speed digital camera for increased evaluation speed and resolution
• Detection of impurities, holes, scratches and other surface irregularities
• Gels and contamination are distributed into predetermined class sizes
• Defects assigned to respective section of the strip
• Suitable for R&D, laboratory, and at line use for continuous QC of narrow strips

Pellet Scanning System PS-25C (colour camera)
• Inspects transparent, opaque granules and colour pellets
• Submission of granules as individual samples or from the production line using a by-pass
• User definable colour / size classes and alarm limits
• UV light for special applications
• Suitable for laboratory and on-line inspection

The inclusion of the OCS product range into the Rheology Solutions portfolio supplements their current range specifically for the polymer industry and ensures that they can assist with the supply and service of polymer equipment and instruments for QA, QC, R&D through to production applications.

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